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The release 1.3 is on the way

Here are some news about the development of the next release of the MADCAT.
Obviously the planned delivery date is now far away. I'm sorry for the delay but several features have been added and some bugs have been corrected. The following list gives you a detailed status :

47% of the issues selected for the v1.3 have been closed :
- 0000166: [Defect] The MADCAT generates an exception when scrolling undo list
- 0000163: [Defect] Shortcut keys are not correct
- 0000169: [Defect] the MADCAT generates an exception when activating a query in workspace editor
- 0000177: [Defect] Application may crash when multiple actions are running
- 0000178: [Defect] Error when opening configuration panel after editing workspace
- 0000160: [Defect] WorkspaceEditor : XWS file not correctly generated
- 0000161: [Defect] The MADCAT crashes when a query is activated
- 0000171: [Change Request] Generate automatic action wizard
- 0000176: [Defect] Values inside Group of fields lost when group is cloned
- 0000175: [Defect] Fields inside a group of fields can't be set to read-only

The following issues remain :
- 0000179: [Defect] Error when two tools declare the same action
- 0000162: [Defect] Help : Errors found in the SDK
- 0000159: [Defect] WorkspaceEditor : Can't copy/paste attributes in Group attribute
- 0000167: [Defect] The workspace editor doesn't handle references in models
- 0000168: [Defect] the MADCAT generates an exception when saving the database
- 0000165: [Change Request] New string type controlled by regular expressions
- 0000154: [Change Request] New interface to run actions from a tool
- 0000170: [Change Request] Allow tools to execute actions of other tools
- 0000173: [Change Request] Add a new type of service in tools : transform
- 0000174: [Defect] Incomplete Windows Explorer integration
- 0000172: [Change Request] Add a new type of tool : scripts

I hope all will be done by the end of this year. So check this blog during the next weeks to stay informed.

See you