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New release available !!


Finally, the reference guide is complete and now embedded in this new release of MADCAT.
This release is the v1.1.0 and corrects the following issues :

MADCAT - 1.1 (Released 2011-11-05)
- 0000109: [Defect] Startup screen keeps deleted workspaces
- 0000112: [Change Request] Add a help file into the next release of MADCAT
- 0000111: [Defect] Tool of the workspace editor is not compatible with new tools interfaces
- 0000110: [Change Request] Add the parameters demo into the next release

The new release can be downloaded in the download page
The reference guide is available in the reference page.

A new workspace has also been added in the installation package : it is the parameters demo.
It contains a model which allows you to test all the types of attributes offered by MADCAT.

Hope this new release will help you produce your own workspaces.
Feedback is welcome !