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New release (1.0e) now available

Again a new release which corrects few bugs but adds also a cool feature :
You can now run actions of your workspace directly from the Command Line in console mode.
v1.0d was a major release with handy features like filtering and sorting in list view's detailed mode and also nice bitmaps for numeric, boolean and enumerate types.
Now v1.0e offers console mode and raw text mode for logbooks.

You can download it here

Documentation is obsolete. Interfaces and options have changed. Just to help you using the console mode, here is the usage info :
datafrontend -r "Workspace Definition File" "Action Name" "Xml Query" ["Param1=Value1"|"Param File"]
where :
"Workspace Definition File" is the XWS file of the workspace to start (mandatory)
"action name" is the name of the action to perform (mandatory)
"Xml Query" is a valid XPath Expression used to select the items on which action is performed (mandatory)
Param1=Value1 is a pair of strings. Param1 is the name of the parameter and Value1 is its value. (Optional and may be repeated if more than one parameter must be set)
Param File is the name of a text file which contains one or several pairs. Optional. Useful if the number of parameters or the size of the strings is large for a command line expression.

During execution, all the messages should then be displayed in the standard output console

Now, I stop taking account defects or change requests to have time to update the documentation and finally create a real technical reference and a real user manual. So stay tuned...