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User preferences

the MADCAT can manage user preferences for the following elements :

  • a database
  • a tool
  • a renderer

When one of these items afford user settings, they are accessed through the configuration panel of MADCAT :

The user clicks on the element and the settings attached to it are displayed in a form the user can edit.

User settings are saved in a binary file which is stored in the folder "Application Data/MADCAT" of the Windows user folder "Document and settings".

Properties of models

User can define these properties for the explorer windows associated to databases :

Properties of tools

Properties are defined by the tool itself. If no properties exist, the MADCAT will show a message otherwise,
the MADCAT will invoke the tool to build a dialog box for its properties.

Properties of renderers

Same as tools.

Workspace configuration

Now with the v1.2.0, the MADCAT can also let the user manage its workspace and dynamically add/remove elements (models, tools or renderers).
He can add elements :

Elements are taken from your repository using the repository browser :

Remove them :

When elements are added or removed, the workspace must be restarted :