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Process manager

The process manager offers a form which lists the actions terminated or running.
The user can view the progress of the running actions. He can also pause all actions or cancel all of them (if the action supports these features).

He has also access to the process control form which will gives him a detailed information :
  • Start time
  • Estimated end time or Total duration time if action is terminated
  • The status : Running, Ready, Cancelled, Successfull...
  • The logbook of the action where he can view all the messages produced by it

Progress can be detailed step by step if the tool provides this information :

This form also affords the user to pause, cancel or restart an action. These functions may not be available for all actions. Functions supported by an action are defined by the tool definition file written by the designer of the tool.
Note that the title bar and the status bar of the main window of MADCAT indicate the number of running actions and the overall progress.