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MADCAT manages different types of messages and each message is logged with the following information :

  • Date and time
  • Tool which has produced the message
  • Context of the message (name of the action which has produced the message)
  • Type of the message. It can be : Information, Warning, Error, Confirmation or Question
  • Text of the message
  • Help concerning the message
  • Additional information about the message

As tools can produce many messages at a time, the MADCAT uses logbooks to display them. Logbooks are views of messages.
They are defined by the end-user who can set several filters :

  • Author of the message
  • Context of the message
  • Type of message

Each end-user has his own logbooks. He can create/delete them at any time. This has no effect on the messages memorized by MADCAT. All messages are kept in memory until MADCAT is shutdown but content of a logbook can be saved in a XML file in real-time or on-demand.

Here is an example of log file : madcat.xlg