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Explorer window

The explorer is composed of 3 elements :

  • Button bars placed on the top of the window
  • A tree
  • A renderer area

The explorer is associated to one database (one XML file defined by a model). It is the only window used to navigate in your project and perform actions on it.
Users can open several explorers at a time. Several explorers can be opened by the same database.

MADCAT saves the layout of the child windows but every time the MADCAT is started, the main window is empty and you have to open the explorer windows manually. The position and the size of each window is saved so when you'll open a window, it will always be displayed like it was before.

Button bars

The explorer has its own button bar which contains a button for each major action :

  • Go to parent item
  • Print current selection
  • Edit current item
  • Delete selection
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Find an item
  • View item's history (when baselines are active)
  • Find where an item is linked
  • Follow a link
  • Create items

It has also a button bar for the renderers. Each renderer has a drop down button. The button shows the different display modes of its renderer. User can change the renderer or the display mode by clicking on these buttons.
Renderers may also add their own buttons in this bar. Each button is used to control specific functions of the renderer. Their behaviour won't be explained here as it is totally dependent of the renderer.


The tree shows the major items of the database (the ones which have children items). You navigate in your database by clicking on the nodes of the tree. The tree controls the content of the renderer area.
Users can also perform drag'n'drop on the tree.

With the version 1.2.0, the tree can be displayed in 2 different forms :
Classic Windows Tree View Sliding slices View

Renderer area

The display area is the area controlled by the active renderer. Its content may be different from one workspace to another.
By default, with version 1.2.0, the MADCAT has 8 renderers which supports different rendering modes. See chapter "Default renderers" for more informations.
The area is used for the selection. It can be a single item or a group of items.
Users can also perform drag'n'drop on this area.
This area also supports 2 modes :

Single renderer view (classic) Multiview (new with v1.2.0)

With the multiview mode, you can activate several renderers at a time and place them as you want by moving dockable forms.