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Main window

Available databases are listed in a tool bar placed on the left of the main window.
On the top of the main window, you have 3 different interfaces :

  • The main menu
  • The MADCAT tool bar
  • The tool bars of the tools of the active workspace (one or more bars)

End-user can change the appearance of any button bar with a context menu displayed on right-click. Their position in the main window can be changed too.
The user can also hide/show any tool bar with a context menu displayed on right-click event on an empty sector of the tool bar area.

The main menu

This menu gives you access to :

  • Workspace and project : you can open a new workspace, save your changes on disk or quit the MADCAT
  • User preferences : you can change your settings.
  • Baselines (when activated by the workspace) : you can create baselines or navigate in your baselines
  • Reports (when available in the workspace) : Run a report and print the result
  • Logbooks : View the messages produced by your workspace
  • Actions (when available in the workspace) : Run a treatment
  • Help : Find infos concerning the workspace or the MADCAT

The MADCAT tool bar

This bar gives you a quick access to the most important functions of the MADCAT :

  • Opening a workspace
  • Save data of the project
  • User preferences
  • Find an item in the project
  • Reports
  • Logbooks
  • Process manager

Tool's bar

Each loaded tool has its own tool bar displayed on the top of the main window. The bar is filled with buttons. Each button is attached to one action of the tool. Action is run by clicking on a button after selecting the items in an explorer window.
Buttons are enabled/disabled depending on the current selection and the model of the workspace.

Databases bar

This bar contains one button per database. A database is the data repository managed by one model of your workspace. Each model has its own database. Click on a button to open a new explorer window on a database.

Now, with version 1.2.0, you can add or remove databases by using the contextual menu of the database bar :

Add databases :

Remove databases :