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The SDK contains a manual with very detailed description of the API with examples.
It contains also Visual Studio Express wizards (support VS 8 and 10) for tools and renderers projects.

Wizards and the manual are installed by the setup program only if it detects a supported version of Microsoft Visual Studio Express on your system.

The API of the MADCAT provides a set of services for tools and renderers :

  • Parameters (forms controls)
  • Message log (errors, warnings, information)
  • Database updates on a transaction basis
  • Dialog boxes for user interface : Wizard, query box, confirm box
  • Import data from the clipboard to the workspace
  • Export data of the workspace to the clipboard
  • Support drag'n'drop events with external programs.

To build a renderer you will need this additional assembly : RendererInterfaces.

With this API, you can enhance your workspaces and build :

  • Tools to perform treatments on your data or read/generate files on your system
  • Renderers to display/use your data
  • Types to control, manipulate your data

Download the manual by clicking on this book