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the MADCAT runs workspaces. A workspace is a set of 5 major types of elements : Models, Types, Renderers, Tools and Reports.
In addition the workspace contains secondary elements like : folders for data storage, bitmaps, stylesheets, etc...

Workspaces are defined by XML files with extension XWS. Files are called "workspace definition files".

the MADCAT is associated to XWS files to run directly workspaces from the Windows explorer. Otherwise a startup menu let you choose the workspace to run.

A XWS file defines :

To help you, the MADCAT comes with a workspace editor and a workspace repository manager.

The repository is a new feature of the version 1.2.0. It is a place on your system where tools, renderers and models are placed and organized. All the workspaces in your system can use them directly without copying the files in different locations : the same files are shared by all the workspaces.