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About the author...

My name is Eric Pageron. I'm a french software engineer in aeronautics. I'm coding games, applications and demos since 1990 for my pleasure. I've started on CPC 464 with BASIC programs and Z80 assembly code then I continued on PC : 386, 486, Pentium.... I made several little programs for my own usage or my friends.

I started developing the MADCAT because I needed a lightweight core application to build very handy tools for my own needs and my everyday work. I was fed up with Excel Macros and heavy frameworks like Eclipse. I wanted something easy to configure, easy to use and powerful; something where I could plug any function without the need to build a GUI, a log, a process manager, a database...

The development started on July 2008. Since that moment, I've used it for my job. Now I want to share this because I think many people can be interested with this and help me improve it.
Hope you'll enjoy this application.


Eric Pageron