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MADCAT - 1.2.2 (Released on 2013-02-10)


You can download it by clicking on this link :

Version File
MADCATInstaller.exe (15 Mbytes)

Release Note

CAUTION: This version contains new Xml namespaces for all schemas. You must update the namespace of your XML files before using your workspaces with this new release. The right namespace is given in the User Guide installed with the software (MADCAT_UG.chm).

This is the LATEST release.
Requirements : Windows XP, Vista or Seven with .Net framework 4.0 or more

Version 1.2.2 corrects a major discrepancy introduced with v1.2.1. The version 1.2.1 is not recommended. Sorry for the inconvenience due to a lack of testing.

This is the list of the issues solved with this release :
- 0000157: [Defect] Contact address in help file is deprecated
- 0000158: [Defect] MADCAT crashes when a tool starts an action
[2 issues]

v1.2.1 previously corrected the following issues :
- 0000155: [Defect] Interface IBaselineManager of the class DataPacket is not implemented
- 0000156: [Defect] Method GetModel returns null for the root element of a document
- 0000152: [Defect] Attributes appears several times in vertical list renderer
- 0000148: [Defect] Columns are not correctly filled in the detailed list view renderer
- 0000150: [Change Request] URI for XML schema must be updated
- 0000151: [Change Request] Hide models with all elements overriden with inheritance
- 0000147: [Defect] Infinite loop can occur in the management of inheritance
- 0000149: [Defect] The workspace editor generates incorrect workspace definition files
[8 issues]

Details about these defects can be viewed in the bug tracker :

Note : you must have an account to enter the bug tracker. Send a request to this address to get an account for free :


You can download the MADCAT from the following web sites :
Download from
Get it from CNET!
Download from Best Freeware DownloadDownload MADCAT from Best Freeware Download - Best freeware downloads available everyday on one site

When you download the MADCAT from a mirror, check carefully the version you're downloading. Many sites take many time to update their servers. You may download on old version in some cases.


You can download older versions of the MADCAT by clicking on these links :
Version File
MADCATInstaller.exe (9840 Kbytes)
MADCATInstaller.exe (3230 Kbytes)
v1.2.0 is not available in the archives because it contains a major issue. It is
recommended to download the v1.2.2.