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Report is a XML file which defines a standard XPATH query to execute on the databases of a workspace and a XML stylesheet (XSLT) for formatting. Extension is XPT.
The ouput can be HTML or XML. End-user can save it into a file.

This report has been generated by the MADCAT using this definition :

which can be downloaded here : report.xpt along with the XSLT file which converts the XML to HTML : wrkspc_list.xls

the MADCAT loads report files on start-up. End-user can produce reports from the MADCAT's user interface.

Reports can use input parameters to control the content of the report : the values of the parameters are used in the XPath expression.
For example, the Report definition defines one parameter :

This XPT file can be downloaded here : report2.xpt
Note that the XPath expression refers to the parameter name with the delimiters %%
When users runs the report, a form opens to request the parameter value :

The report is generated if user enters mandatory values and click on "Generate"

Here is the XSLT file used to format the report : wrkspc_list_renderer.xsl