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The release 1.3 is on the way

Here are some news about the development of the next release of the MADCAT.
Obviously the planned delivery date is now far away. I'm sorry for the delay but several features have been added and some bugs have been corrected. The following list gives you a detailed status :

Development of v1.3 now begins

The next release is now under development.
This new version will include corrections of bugs as usual but also major enhancements for tools such as:
- automatic wizard for input parameters
- new interface to allow tools to control other tools and run actions
- new kind of services to be implemented by tools
- simple scripting schema to combine easily actions and tools and then offer more complex services

This version is planned to be released on September, 2013.
More information will be provided on this blog during the development.

Major discrepancy detected in v1.2.1

I'm sorry but due to a lack of testing in the development of the version 1.2.1, a major discrepancy has been introduced in the tool interface of the MADCAT and it wasn't detected before release.
The MADCAT crashes anytime you start an action of a tool.
Today, I've released the version 1.2.2. This version corrects this major bug and is the recommended version.
Really sorry for the inconvenience.

See you

New release available ! Important update.

A new version 1.2.1 is available on this web site. Mirror sites are not updated for the moment.
It is highly recommended to uninstall the v1.2.0 and install this new version instead.
It corrects major issues of the v1.2.0.

No more comments for users

Too many spam occured recently on comments. Because I don't want to waste my time filtering messages, now comments can't be posted by users unless for active members (contact me to because an active member).


Major issue detected in v1.2

In some situations, the MADCAT may endlessly log an error message when it loads a model using inheritance. When it occurs, the application is not visible on the screen but actually runs.
The process must be killed very quickly with the task manager of Windows otherwise the system log file will increase and fill the entire disk space of your system.
It is recommended to avoid the use of inheritance elements in models until this bug is fixed.

Sorry for this. I'll fix this as soon as possible.

Welcome to the new Web site !

Hello folks !

The new version of the MADCAT comes with a brand new web site.
Now it is Drupal 7, pages have been reworked and the design too.
So now, discover this new site and download the version 1.2.0 of the MADCAT on the download page.

Hope you'll enjoy these changes !


Some news


Sorry for being silent for so long time but I couldn't find time to work on the next release during this summer.
I also had to struggle with my computer : lost my environment twice and had to re-install everything from scratch. But now I moved to Visual Studio Express 2010 and the newest .Net framework.
The development is nearly finished but still have one big feature to code and some tests to perform. Then will come the time to update the web site and the documentation to describe the new features.
Just a glimpse :
- Enhanced workspace management with new Windows integration

New release is delayed

Finally I've decided to delay the release of the version 1.2.
I had many cool features in mind and I wanted to put them in the next version rather than planning another version just after this one.
With all these evolutions inside, the version 1.2 will be a major release of MADCAT.
Of course, tests, docs and validation will be longer than expected first but I'll do my best to finish all this by the end of July.
Be patient, I assure you that it's worth it.

New release is coming soon


I've coded several features now. Only one remaining feature is to be coded then I'll be able to start the testing phase and finally the documentation phase (web site + reference manual).
This last feature will be coded this week.
If everything is fine, tests and docs will be done before june.


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