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Breaking the silence ...

I've been silent for a too long time. Sorry.
I'm working hard on the next release (v1.2). Many new features will be added :

  • Composite workspaces : Assemble project data, models and tools of workspaces to build new ones
  • Management of series of items with new renderers for table display or graphical display (curve, bars, dots...)
  • Multi-view database explorers : you can display multiple renderers in the same window at the same time
  • Import/Export

plus some bugs corrections of course !

Happy New Year

Dear MADCAT users,

I wish you all a happy new year.
Many new features are planned for 2012. They should be released in the next 2 or 3 versions of MADCAT expected during this year. Among them, you'll find :

  • many interface enhancements,
  • migration to .Net 4.0 framework,
  • better workspaces flexibility

and more...

Feel free to send me your remarks, suggestions, proposals, questions, ....

See you

New release available !!


Finally, the reference guide is complete and now embedded in this new release of MADCAT.
This release is the v1.1.0 and corrects the following issues :

MADCAT - 1.1 (Released 2011-11-05)
- 0000109: [Defect] Startup screen keeps deleted workspaces
- 0000112: [Change Request] Add a help file into the next release of MADCAT
- 0000111: [Defect] Tool of the workspace editor is not compatible with new tools interfaces
- 0000110: [Change Request] Add the parameters demo into the next release

Documentation release is postponed...

I'm sorry but the documentation is not finished yet. Some API services are still not described and I need to add some screenshots and source code examples.
I'll release it as soon as possible...

Documentation is on the way

I'm still working on the technical document of MADCAT. I'll produce a CHM help file which will be included in the next release of MADCAT but also available on the web site.
The document should be released by the end of the month. It will contain all the information you need : XML schema descriptions and examples, Tools interfaces, Renderers interfaces and Types interfaces. All topics will have code samples and detailed description.


New release (1.0e) now available

Again a new release which corrects few bugs but adds also a cool feature :
You can now run actions of your workspace directly from the Command Line in console mode.
v1.0d was a major release with handy features like filtering and sorting in list view's detailed mode and also nice bitmaps for numeric, boolean and enumerate types.
Now v1.0e offers console mode and raw text mode for logbooks.

You can download it here

1.0d is now released !

Finally, I found time to correct the latest defects. Now the version 1.0d is released.
Many new features are implemented in edit forms and renderers :
Check out the Types overview page and see the screenshots of the new input fields available in MADCAT.
Another cool feature is now operational : Filters in the detailed list view. You can now sort and filter your items very easily.

So now, download this new version with the dowload page

Be patient.. 1.0d is coming soon

I'm late for this delivery... Sorry but I added several changes and corrections.
Hope I'll have time to finish this release by the end of june.


Open issues :

- 0000077: [Change Request] Add a gauge display for numeric parameters (zagot) - assigned.

Forum is closed

Due to spamming, I had to close the forum for a moment.
Hope I'll find a way to secure it and open it again soon !
Sorry for the inconvenience

MADCAT v1.0d is on the way !

The development of the release 1.0d is in progress and it will be available soon. Many defects are corrected and some improvements are done.
I plan to deliver it by the middle of june.
Here is a detailed status of the development progress :


Still to be solved :


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